What do I need to do to make a Party Rental reservation?
To make a reservation, you must first send me an
 e-mail (just2party@aol.com) with the exact amount, colors and specifications of the items you would like or package you would prefer for your event along with the date of the party, the address of where the party is going to be with shelter number if applicable, 2 telephone numbers I may reach you at the day of the party and the time the party starts. Afterwards, I will reply with an invoice as well as the deposit instructions. 

Why do you require an e-mail?
We require an e-mail to make sure we have the right information for your event.

Why do I call and no one answers the phone during business hours?
First and foremost, I am a mom to a little boy. As most of you moms know, our children is our priority and they come first!  Then I’m a business owner. The best way of communicating with me is by e-mail. 

I sent you an e-mail requesting a quote and I have not gotten a response yet.
For quotes and reservations I usually reply with in the first 24-48 hours. If I take longer, usually I respond with a courtesy e-mail. If you’ve sent me an e-mail and I have not respond, its probably because I haven’t received it.

Do you only do theme’s of what you have posted in your events gallery? 
No, we are opened to new themes, and are willing to create whatever you’d like or need for your party. If you do not see what you are looking for, ask me.  We have tons of more pictures saved on our computer.

How many parties do you do a day?
Usually, we try not do more than 2 large parties a day. This is because I have come to the conclusion that I have become a bit overwhelmed! If I cannot accommodate you for your event I will refer you to one of our wonderful vendors that will be able to better assist you!

I Do not see your company’s name on the approved vendor’s list for Miami Dade /Broward Parks, Are you still approved to work at the parks?
Yes, We work at all  Miami Dade Parks  with all of our wonderful vendors. For Broward, we only work at a few selected parks. Please call or e-mail me for more information!

What if I did not sign the invoice at the bottom, do the terms and conditions still apply to me?
ABSOLUTELY! Once you have given me a deposit, I take it as though you agree with my terms and conditions listed on this website. No exceptions.

Where are you guys located?
We are currently located from our home, If you would like to come meet me in person to see our items, pick colors and make an order, please call me during business hours to make an appointment which then I’ll give you my address.
How long have you been in business?
We officially have been in business for over 12 years

Q’s & A’s
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Appointment Hours:
Monday- Thursday
9:00 AM- 8:00 PM 

Friday- Saturday- Sunday 
Setting up for Special Celebrations! :)

*** Reminder- I AM A ONE WOMAN SHOW! 
Meaning over 80% of everything is done by ME. Yes, I do all the quotes, set ups, decor and more MAINLY MYSELF. Yes I have wonderful assistants helping me here and there but its mainly me.  Please note this is why I am closed during the weekends.  For best response Please 
e-mail us with your name, phone number, date of the event and items which you are enquiring about.**
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Hi everyone, I’m Kary, owner of Just 2 Party. For the last 15 years I have been dedicated to creating the most memorable  events to each and everyone of my clients! 

A little about me:
I am a mom of a very smart 7 year old boy.
Creating each event is definitely a work of the heart, But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am personally on hand at the majority of all events. I am here to listen to your ideas, creating spectacular events and work with your budget.
At the end, the most valuable reaction is that of the children! They are what make it the most worth while! 

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Contacting me:
Cell: 786-291-7791
Email: just2party@aol.com

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for photos, sales and other amazing contests! Click on the logos to be directly connected 

As always our main focus will always be 
decorating your event, making it beautiful,  and entertaining your guests!  

Email is the best way of getting in touch with me. I typically answer all emails fairly quickly unless I am swamped with work. Please e-mail me for all questions and quote requests. I will be taking a little longer than usual to answer e-mails just because we are super super busy!  

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Also, PLEASE if you are going to text me send me your full name and date of your event. 
Although, I would much rather you call me or E-mail me only :) 

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Here we always upload photos, offer contests, and give special discounted items at random times of the month. 
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Visa, Master Card, AMEX and Discover! Starting now if you would like to make a payment using your credit card you may do so in person only. There will be an additional 5% added per swipe for this convenience to your total. mailto:just2party@aol.com?subject=http://www.facebook.com/just2partyplayhouseAbout_Us_and_Qs_&_AS_files/C_BALLNS.WMFshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1